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Zine Distros

Welcome to our collection of zine distros from all over the world. If you know of an active zine distro that should be on out list, email聽[email protected]


780 Distro (Edmonton) – Edmonton based zine machines selling zines, buttons, stickers, patches, and other DIY creations. (Facebook)

Distroboto (Montreal) 鈥 The Distroboto project is a zine vending machine project based out of Montreal, Quebec. For the $2, artists and zinesters can have their work sold in Distroboto machines. Zines sold are art focused. (Facebook)

Femme Crimes Distro (Montreal) 鈥 Distributing illustrated zines, comics, and self-published art books created by queer and feminist artists. (Facebook)

Fight Boredom (Montreal)聽鈥撀燤aterial includes queer zines, feminist zines, tales of small towns, adventures, gardening, community-building, activism, body positivity and tattoos. Both English and French. (Facebook)

Great Worm Express Distribution (Toronto) 鈥撀燗 zine distro of 10 years carrying all types of zines. (Facebook)

Look Mum! Distro (Guelph) 鈥 Carries a variety of zines including perzines, art zines, queer zines, sex zines, and anarchist zines.

twelveohtwo zine distro (Toronto)聽鈥撀燜ocuses on radical zines as well as other crafty items made with D.I.Y. love. (Facebook)

Wheel House (Toronto) 鈥 A supportive resource and art distro for the marginalized. (Facebook)

YYZine Distro (Toronto) 鈥 An emerging enterprise supporting the DIY community by making zines and self-published works more accessible. (Facebook)


Wasted Ink Zine Distro (Tempe) 鈥 Carrying 250 titles from zinesters in Arizona. (Facebook)

AK Press (Oakland) 鈥撀燤ostly dedicated to radical books and anarchist zines. (Facebook)

Darcy Crash Distro (Los Angeles) 鈥 A pop-up distro curated by Darcy Crash, organizer of Zine Queens. (Facebook)

Last Gasp (San Francisco) 鈥撀燜ocuses on underground comics, graphic novels, subversive literature and tattoo and art books. (Facebook)

Queer Anxiety Babiez Distro (San Francisco Bay) 鈥 Specializing in queer-made zines. (Facebook)

A Resistance Army Zine Distro (Los Angeles)聽鈥撀燤ostly Spanish and English political zines.

The Grand Newsstand (San Francisco) 鈥 A modern newsstand stocked primarily with local publications, zines, art, music, poetry, and DIY. (Facebook)

Radiator Comics (Chicago) 鈥 Distributes, Produces, and promotes small press, zines and self-published comics. (Facebook)

Stranger Danger Zine Distro (Chicago) 鈥斅燴ine distro focusing on feminist, queer and trans zines. (Facebook)

Roach Motel (Ames) 鈥 Selling zines, small press, and indie music. (Facebook)

Pioneers Press (Lansing) 鈥斅燩ublishing house and small-press distro “focusing on survival and sustainability from the farm to the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, and a cruelty-free lifestyle”. (Facebook)

Flywheel Arts Collective (Easthampton) 鈥 A distro where 鈥渃reativity is valued over profit.鈥 (Facebook)

New Jersey
NO SHAME Distro (New Brunswick) 鈥 A distro interested in promoting zine writers and artists of colour. (Facebook)

Doris Press and Horsey Girl Music (Athens) 鈥撀燤ostly perzines and zines that are informed by feminism or queer politics.

McMicken FreeSpace (Cincinnati) 鈥 A non-profit, volunteer-run community space and zine distro.

Antiquated Future (Portland) – Main focus is distributing artists, zinesters and small record labels from Portland and beyond. (Facebook)

Microcosm Publishing (Portland) 鈥撀燴ine publisher and distro. (Facebook)

Portland Button Works (Portland) 鈥 Selling zines, comics, buttons, magnets, and bottle openers. (Facebook)

Wyrd Sisters Distro (Portland) 鈥 A zine distro and record label focused on neurodiverse and disabled artists.

Flyover Zine Disro (Houston) 鈥 Archives, sells, and publishes anti-authoritarian, queer, and POC zines often focused on the U.S. South. (Facebook)

Poopsheet Shop (Bedford)聽鈥撀燬pecializing in mini-comics, art zines, fanzines and underground comix.

Brown Recluse Zine Distro (Seattle) 鈥 Focusing primarily on distributing zines by people of colour. (Facebook)

Mend My Dress Press (Tacoma) 鈥斅燗 grrrl run small press and zine distro that often publishes books that collect together back issues of zines. (Facebook)

Sweet Candy Distro and Press (Washington, DC) 鈥 Carries zines of all genres. (Facebook)


Aunty Mabel鈥檚 Zine Distro (Perth) 鈥 A place for zines of every kind. (Facebook)

Smells Like Zines Distro (Toowoomba) 鈥 Selling a diverse range of DIY publications. (Facebook)

Sticky Institute (Melbourne)聽鈥 Zine resource centre selling zines and offering a space for zinesters to make their own zine that includes a photocopier, guillotine, long arm staplers, badge machine, and typewriter pool. (Facebook)

Take Care Zine Distro (Enmore) 鈥 Selling zines of all sorts from Australia and sometimes from around the world. (Facebook)

Eskaramuza DIY Distro (Curico) 鈥 Chilian distro for DIY and zines.

Heavy Metal Zine Distro (Berlin) 鈥 A zine distributor specializing in queer and feminist zines. (Facebook)

Papiercafe (Kassel) 鈥 A showroom for self-published work and zines from students. (Facebook)

Mount Zine (Toky0) 鈥 Japanese zine distro. (Facebook)

New Zealand
Black Star Books Otepoti (Dunedin) 鈥 Social centre, infoshop, archive, and distro with a wide array of DIY books and zines. (Facebook)

Sandwich Mixto (Madrid) 鈥 Distro selling Spanish zines. (Facebook)

Pen Fight (Manchester) 鈥 A zine and DIY art distro focused on work created by women, non-binary, working class, LBGTQ+, or disabled people. (Facebook)

Synhronise Witches Press and Distro (Manchester) 鈥 A distro and small press in Manchester, UK specializing in US zines and experimental writing by women. (Facebook)

Vampire Sushi Distro (Chatham) 鈥 Sells perzines, queer zines, feminist zines, art zines, and more! (Facebook)

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