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Retail Outlets

Welcome to our collection of retail outlets that sell zines. If you know of a retail outlet that sells zines and other self-publications that should be on our list, email聽[email protected]


Art Metropole (Toronto) 鈥 聽An artist run gallery and bookstore selling art books, zines, prints, and exhibited art. (Facebook)

The Beguiling
(Toronto) 鈥 One of Toronto’s best known and beloved comic retailer located in the city’s Mirvish Village. (Facebook)

Faith/Void (Toronto) 鈥 An independently run outlet for subculture shop for DIY and underground work. They specialize in records, cassettes, zines, and other independent publications. (Facebook)

Likely General (Toronto) 鈥 Likely General is a Toronto shop and gallery selling work done by artists and artisans. (Facebook)

Page and Panel (Toronto) 鈥 The official shop of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) located inside the Toronto Reference Library. (Facebook)

Type Books (Toronto) 鈥 An independent community bookstore with two locations in Forest Hill Village and across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. Type Books specializes in fiction. small press, art, and children’s literature.

Monastiraki (Montreal) 鈥 A “curiosity shop” and art gallery selling art prints, small press, zines, and other unique treasures. (Facebook)

British Columbia
Horses Records (Vancouver) 鈥 Horses Records buys, sells, and trades music, books, and zines. (Facebook)

Lucky鈥檚 Comics, Books, and Gallery (Vancouver) 鈥 A book shop and gallery specializing in comics. (Facebook)

Project Space (Vancouver) 鈥 A non-profit organization 聽that acts as a small publisher, bookseller, and is host to the Vancouver Art/Book Fair. (Facebook)

Pulpfiction Books (Vancouver) 鈥 With three locations around Vancouver, Pulpfiction Books hosts one of Western Canada’s largest selection of new and used books. They buy and sell books and carry a small selection of independent magazines and zines.

Regional Assembly of Text (Vancouver; Victoria) 鈥 A small stationary and gift shop that聽has two locations in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. It聽is also home to the lowercase reading room. (Facebook)

Rx Comics (Vancouver)聽鈥 A Vancouver comic shop. (Facebook)

Spartacus Books (Vancouver) 鈥 A non-profit, volunteer-run bookstore carrying books, zines, periodicals, and more. (Facebook)

Zulu Records (Vancouver) 鈥 A new and used record store that also sells zines. (Facebook)


Mondragon (Winnipeg) 鈥 An independent cafe and bookstore located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


City Lights Bookstore (San Francisco) 鈥撀犅燗 landmark independent bookstore and publisher specializing in books, art, and small press. (Facebook)

Needles and Pens (San Francisco) 鈥撀犅燗n indie bookshop selling in zines, art, and hand-made goods. (Facebook)

Modern Times Bookstore Collective (San Francisco) 鈥 A new and used bookstore located in San Franciso鈥檚 Mission District. (Facebook)

Rock Paper Scissors Collective (Oakland) 鈥 A volunteer-run organization that specializes in teaching, selling, and exhibiting art. (Facebook)

Mountain Fold Books (Colorado Springs) 鈥 A non-profit bookstore selling publications of poetry and visual art. (Facebook)

Quimby鈥檚 Bookstore (Chicago)聽颅鈥 A bookstore specializing in indie-published and small press books, zines, comics, and other 鈥渂izarre periodicals.鈥 (Facebook)

Boxcar Books (Bloomington) 鈥撀燗 volunteer-run bookstore and community space that sells small press and independently published books and zines. (Facebook)

Atomic Books (Baltimore) 鈥撀燗n independent bookstore selling a plethora of items including zines. (Facebook)

New Mexico
Astro-Zombies (Albuquerque) 鈥撀 A vibrant comic shop selling comics, toys, and records. (Facebook)

New York
Bluestockings (NYC) 鈥撀燗 volunteer-run radical bookstore and fair trade caf茅. They sell magazines, zines, journals, and other hard to find things. (Facebook)

Desert Island (Brooklyn) 鈥撀燗 comics store, publisher, and organizer of the annual Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival. (Facebook)

Printed Matter (NYC) 鈥撀燗 non-profit organization and bookstore selling selling artist made publiscations. (Facebook)

Mac鈥檚 Backs (Cleveland) 鈥撀燛stablished in 1978, Mac鈥檚 Backs sells new and used books and magazines. (Facebook)

Powell鈥檚 Books (Portland) 鈥撀燛stablished in 1971 with three locations in Portland and one in Beaverton, Powell鈥檚 Books buys and sells new and used books. (Facebook)

Reading Frenzy (Portland) 鈥撀燗 small specialty bookstore selling comics, zines, books, and magazines. (Facebook)

The Big Idea Bookstore (Pittsburgh) 鈥 A collaborative bookstore and caf茅 since 2001 that specializes in feminists, multicultural, and LGBT+ works. (Facebook)

Wooden Shoe Books and Records (Philadelphia) 鈥 A volunteer, collectively-run, anarchist bookstore. (Facebook)

Velocity Comics (Richmond) 鈥 Richmond鈥檚 friendly, neighbourhood comics shop since 2003. (Facebook)

Elliot Bay Book Company (Seattle) 鈥 A unique bookstore located in Seattle鈥檚 Capitol Hill neighbourhood. (Facebook)

Left Bank Books (Seattle) 鈥 Collectively operated since 1973, Left Bank Books sells books, zines, and other periodicals. (Facebook)



Planet Books (Perth) 鈥 An independent bookstore specializing in arthouse, cult, and classic books. (Facebook)

Polyester Books (Fitzroy) 鈥 聽A bookstore selling unique and bizarre books, zines, magazines, and videos. (Facebook)

Le Monte-en-l鈥檃ir (Paris) 鈥 A bookstore, art gallery, and caf茅 all in one place located in Paris, France. (Facebook)

Druck Dealer (Hamburg) 鈥 A german artisan shop selling prints, books, zines, and clothes.

Pro QM (Berlin) 鈥 specializing in german books, zines, and magazines. (Facebook)

Supalife Kiosk (Berlin) 鈥 A store and gallery that acts as a community centre for local independent artist. (Facebook)

New Zealand
Matchbox Studios (Wellington) 鈥 An art gallery, gift shop, and creative space offering DIY workshops for local artists. (Facebook)

Irregular Rhythm Asylum (Tokyo) 鈥 An infoshop carrying zines, publications, and goods related to cultural movements and the DIY scene in Japan. (Facebook)

South Korea
Your-Mind (Seoul) 鈥 A bookshop located in Seoul selling books, zines, magazines, music, and stationary. (Facebook)

56a Infoshop (London) 鈥撀犅燗 volunteer run DIY social centre. (Facebook)

Bookart Bookshop (London) 鈥 A bookshop offering small press publications and artist books. (Facebook)



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