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‘Chronic Brain’ zine: Everyday Tips to Managing Anxiety

Chronic Brain
Zine, Mallory Taylor, 20 pgs,


Anxiety seems increasingly rampant in today鈥檚 culture. Accompanying its apparent uptick has come a boom in related advice, treatments, and literature. Chronic Brain is a collection of 鈥渆veryday small tips to help with managing anxiety and/or medical conditions and chronic pain.鈥滭/div>


Creator Mallory Taylor is quick to point out that nothing in her zine is a substitute for medical intervention or advice. In lieu of this, she speaks from the heart, opening up about what works for her and why. It鈥檚 super personal. Why this kind of works, while so mainly reckless Instagram accounts and life coaches (seemingly) don鈥檛, is that Mallory is realistic and blunt about what she shares. She鈥檚 clear that these aren鈥檛 one size fits all solutions, rather they are simply 鈥渆veryday small tips.鈥滭/div>


Mallory clearly gives a shit about her fellow humans. These days, our feeds are filled with reminders that 鈥渢he struggle is real鈥 through watered down memes and whatnot. So, it鈥檚 good to have non-pals like聽Mallory willing to offer her real point of view and genuine first-hand perspectives in ways that will easily have benefits for the anxious and non-anxious alike.

Excerpt from Chronic Brain

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