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Zine Festivals and Small Press Fairs

Welcome to our extensive list of zine fairs, festivals, DIY and small press related events. If you know of a zine fair that should be on out list, email聽[email protected]


British Columbia
Canzine Vancouver (Vancouver) 聽鈥 Broken Pencil鈥檚 very own festival of zines and independent arts and culture!

Unibrow Arts Fest聽(Victoria) – A combination alt-comedy and DIY publishing fest

Vancouver Art/Book Fair (Vancouver) 鈥 A festival for zines, magazines, and small press books. This event features talks, performances, and artist projects.


We are Not an Island Queer Zine Fair – Sled Island’s own mini zine fair featuring queer creators

Femme Wave Zine Fair – Calgary’s feminist music festival also includes a mini zine fair!


Prairie Comics Festival – A new comic arts festival for independent creators and fans in Winnipeg!

Nova Scotia

Halifax Pop Explosion聽鈥 An annual festival showcasing new and emerging music, art, and culture. It normally includes the Halifax Zine Fair! (Facebook)


Artspace Book and Zine Fest聽(Peterborough) 鈥 Held and organized by Artspace, this event features artist-made zines, comics and graphic novels, small press, and other DIY goods. (Facebook)

Canzine聽Toronto (Toronto)鈥 Broken Pencil鈥檚 very own festival of zines and independent arts and culture!

Canzine Ottawa (Ottawa) –聽Broken Pencil鈥檚 very own festival of zines and independent arts and culture in the Capital city

Expozine Sudbury (Sudbury) – A yearly bilingual zine event in Nickel City every Spring!

Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair (Hamilton) 鈥 Organized by SACHA celebrating feminist zines.

Kazoo! Zine and Comic Expo (Guelph) 鈥 Organized by Kazoo!, An artist-run organization based in Guelph, dedicated to showcasing the work of independent artists and zinesters. (Facebook)

OCAD U Zine Fair 聽(Toronto) 鈥 An annual zine fair run by OCAD U for students to showcase zines, buttons, comics, and t-shirts that they鈥檝e made.

Ottawa Small Press Book Fair 聽鈥 Presented by span-o (the small press action network 鈥 Ottawa) and Rob McLennan celebrating zines and small press in the Ottawa area.

TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Toronto) 鈥 An annual festival held at the Toronto Reference Library promotes comics, graphic novels, zines, artists, and comics writers from Canada and around the world. (Facebook). As of 2018 they have an affiliated zine fair, Zineland Terrace.

Zine Dream (Toronto)聽鈥 An annual celebration of self-publishing, Zine Dream features zines, comics, music, handmade crafts, and more. (Facebook)


Expozine (Montreal, Quebec) 鈥 A huge, annual fair for zines, small press, comics, and arts from across North America and Europe. (Facebook)

Queer entre les couvertures/ Queer Between the Covers 鈥 Queer, feminist, sex-positive book and zine fair every Summer! (Facebook)

Alternative Media Fair (Montreal, Quebec) 鈥撀犅燗 project from the Concordia Co-op Bookstore in collaboration with members of the community, bringing together publishers, writers, zinesters, activists, makers, and others who are underrepresented in mainstream and popular culture.


Zine Librarian (un)Conference聽鈥 An annual conference for zine librarians to meet and discuss DIY and zine archiving. This event is held in a different American city and state each year.


PHX Zine Fest (Phoenix) 鈥 An annual event showcasing local small press, comics, photo books, art, zines, and other DIY creations. (Facebook)


Claremont Zine Fest 鈥撀燭he Claremont Zinefest is an event that brings zinesters and zine-readers together.

East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest (Berkeley) 鈥 In 2010, two Bay Area writers/zinesters decided it was time the East Bay had its own indie media celebration modeled on the amazing work people were doing in San Francisco and Portland. Tomas Moniz and MK Chavez organized the first East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair. It was a wonderful experience and a huge success, bringing over 50 participants into Berkeley City College. In 2011, Brooke Appler created the flyer and helped organize the event. Again the tables went quickly, with over 60 vendors and artists participating, and attendance doubled. In 2012, Tomas teamed up with the amazing Rock Paper Scissors Collective. Collective member Ara and volunteers Jamie, Olivia, and Crystal helped the event grow to new heights! That year also came with a new name: East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Festival, or EBABZ (say, “e-babes,”) Fest for short.

Dear Diary Zine Fest聽(East Bay) – A zine fair dedicated to old school perzines!

Joshua Tree Zine Fest 鈥撀燭he hi-desert鈥檚 very own small press festival, celebrating independent publications and diy creators. (Facebook)

L.A. Zine Fest (Los Angeles)聽鈥 L.A. Zine Fest is a celebration of zines that hosts workshops. (Facebook)

Long Beach Zine Fest (California)聽鈥撀燭he Long Beach Zine Fest is a one鈥恉ay public event promoting zines and independent publishing, with more than 100 writers, artists, photographers, activists, and DIY advocates showcasing and selling their work and celebrating the power of print as an artistic and cultural medium. (Facebook)

SD Zine Fest (San Diego) 鈥 An annual event for zine makers and zine lovers in and around the San Diego area. (Facebook)

San Francisco Zine Fest (San Francisco) 鈥 An annual two-day long festival for underground publishing focusing on zines and DIY culture. (Facebook)


Denver Independent Comics & Art Expo 鈥撀營ndie, Alternative and 100% Independent, DiNK Denver is a celebration of artists, writers, creators, zine makers, graffiti artists, tattoo arts and publishers from around the world. Encompassing three floors of entertainment with over 250 exhibitors, DiNK features daily panel discussions, craft sessions, adult coloring, art auctions, comedy shows and the Comic and Art Awards ceremony ‘The DINKy’ Awards.


Litchfield County Zine Fest聽(Kent) – Connecticut’s own zine fair!


Daddy Kool Zine Fest (Saint Petersburg)聽鈥撀燚o you read? Do you write? Do you live in or around St. Petersburg? Well then, welcome to Keep St. Pete Lit, where we celebrate and promote the area鈥檚 literary community.聽Whether you鈥檙e a writer, a reader or just love the arts, we want you to help us Keep St. Pete Lit.聽Read and Write on, my friend! (Facebook)

Miami Zine Fair by EXILE Books (Miami) 鈥 A zine fair put on by Florida based book retailer EXILE Books. This event features DJs, performances, artworks, and workshops. (Facebook)

OC Zine Fest (Orange County) 鈥 An event featuring zines, comics, small press, and all things DIY (Facebook)

Orlando Zine Fest (Orlando) – Zines, Zine-making and more! Zinesters welcome from the entire state of Florida. (Facebook)

Tallahassee Zine Fest 鈥 An all inclusive festival allowing the Tallahassee community to showcase self published books and a variety of other types of printed matter. (Facebook)


Atlanta Zine Fest (Atlanta)聽鈥撀燗ZF is an annual conference celebrating DIY and handmade media. We feature a wildly diverse selection of panelists, guest speakers, workshops and vendors. In 2013,聽the first AZF聽culled more than 300 attendees, 25 vendors, and 21 speakers/workshop facilitators. In 2015, we聽had an even greater turnout,聽nearly doubling our average attendees and vendors, and we聽were given聽Creative Loafing鈥榮 Best of 2015 Award! (Facebook).

FLUKE Mini-Comics and Zine Festival (Athens) 鈥揂n annual comic festival聽focusing on alternative comics, mini comics, zines, underground comics, and graphic arts.


CAKE Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (Chicago)聽鈥撀犅燵CAKE] is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago鈥檚 rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more. (Facebook)

Chicago Zine Fest聽(Chicago) 鈥 An annual two-day event celebrating the talents of Zinester and DIY publishing from Chicago and beyond. (Facebook)


Kansas City Zine Con (Kansas City) 鈥 A regional exhibition for indie publishers, small press, and zinesters. (Facebook)


Kentucky Fried Zine Fest (Lexington) 鈥 Founded in 2005, this zine fest is a free public expo of small press, zines, comics, and DIY culture in Kentucky. (Facebook)


New Orleans Comic and Zine Fest (New Orleans) –聽NOCAZ is an attempt to make a space for self published artists and thinkers to put their work out in the public sphere and be able to reach other people without the constraints and expense of the commercial publishing industry.


D.I.Y Fest (Baltimore) 鈥 A celebration of DIY culture in Baltimore, the event features, vendors and workshops. (Facebook)

Small Press Expo (North Bethesda) 鈥 An event celebrating independent cartooning and comic arts. (Facebook)

New Zineland (Boston) 鈥 Two floors of 60+ smalls presses, distros, artists, writers, and photographers slinging their self-published works from comics to fanzines, artwork to autobiography, and everything in between. (Facebook)

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest聽聽鈥 A day long fest aiming to celebrate and support zines and DIY. (Facebook)

Grand Rapids Zine Fest (Grand Rapids) 鈥 An annual zine festivals supporting zine and DIY culture in West Michigan. (Facebook)

Twin Cities Zinefest (Minneapolis) 鈥撀燗 celebration of DIY culture showcasing the best the Midwest has to offer. (Facebook)


St. Louis Small Press Expo (St. Louis)聽鈥撀燘ringing together books, comics, zines, litmags, poetry, and more in an annual indie publisher showcase. (Facebook)

Omaha Zine Fest (Omaha) 鈥 A celebration of indie publishing featuring vendors, workshops,聽 zine library and more. (Facebook)

New Mexico
ABQ Zine Fest (Albuquerque) 鈥 An annual event bringing zinesters and DIY enthusiasts together from around New Mexico. (Facebook)

Santa Fe Zine Fest 鈥撀燗 yearly free festival that celebrates zines, comics and other forms of alternative press and DIY media.

New York

Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair at Blondie Art Books (Brooklyn) 鈥 An art book and zine fire by Blondie Art Books, this show features recent publications from indie publishers, writers, and artists in and around New York. (Facebook)

New York Queer Zine Fair (Manhattan) 鈥 The NY Queer Zine Fair brings together queer zine makers and fans to meet, share, sell and discuss their art and process.

NYC Anarchist Book Fair聽(NYC)聽鈥撀燭he NYC Anarchist Book Fair is free to the public. It provides a safe space for activists to meet and organize and where the anarcho-curious can get informed about a movement against capitalism and the State that is central to many of the most important political and cultural currents of our time. (Facebook)

NYC Feminist Zine Fest聽(NYC) 鈥斅燗 celebration of feminist zinesters and artists. (Facebook)

Paper Jazz Festival聽(Brooklyn)聽鈥擯aper Jazz will bring together a selection of local up and coming small press artists and cross pollinate their work with the arts and music scene of the Silent Barn. Paper Jazz is fully curated by: Robin Enrico, Paige K. Bradley, G.W. Duncanson, and Nina Mashurova. (Facebook)

Pete’s Mini Zine Fest (Brooklyn) 鈥斅燗n annual zine fest held in Pete鈥檚 Candy Store in Brooklyn, New York. (Facebook)

Zine and Self Published Book Fair by CCNY (New York) 鈥 An annual event by Baxter St. at the Camera Club of New York for artists to showcase their homemade zines and books. (Facebook)

Zine Feast (NYC)聽鈥撀燴inefeast has two goals: 1) Profit the artists. 2) Promote emerging/ student artists. SUNY Purchase has the unique opportunity to provide a space for artists to display and sell their work for free. Costs are covered by mandatory student activity fees, which have been allocated to student-run campus organizations. (Facebook)

North Carolina

Queen City Zine Fest 鈥撀燪ueen City Zine Fest celebrates self-published zines, comics, illustrations, chapbooks, small press editions, and other printed matter. They desire to foster a community of independent publishers and those that are passionate about independent arts. (Facebook)


Genghis Con聽(Cleveland) –聽A fest bringing together all practitioners of independent print media! Cartoonists, zinesters, printmakers, authors, illustrators, small press publishers, educators and advocates converge to exhibit their work, converse about their processes and celebrate the independent print community thriving throughout the greater rust-belt region and beyond.

Zinecinnati聽(Cincinnati) – Starting in 2019, Cincinnati’s festival of self publishing and zine culture.

Portland Zine Symposium聽(Portland)聽鈥撀燛stablished in 2001, this annual zine fair looks to celebrate and support small press, zine, and DIY culture. (Facebook)


Philly Zine Fest (Philadelphia)聽鈥撀燩hilly’s longest-running Zine Fest presents some of the most radical, informative, and comical self-published works and meet their creators. (Facebook)

Pittsburg Zine Fair (Pittsburgh) 鈥 An annual zine fair featuring vendors, workshops, readings, and discussions. (Facebook)

Weird and Wired Punk Baazar and Zine Expo (Scranton)聽鈥斅燗 celebration of underground, zine, and DIY culture in the Scranton area. (Facebook)

Handmade聽&聽Bound (Nashville) 鈥 A celebration of independent publishing, zines, artists, books, and mini comics.

Chattanooga Zine Fest聽(Chattanooga)聽鈥 An annual zine fest聽to browse and purchase from local vendors, including published books, original published work and a variety of independent publishers.


Lone Star Zine Fest鈥 A annual celebration of zines in central Texas.

Austin Zine Fest (Austin) 鈥 An annual print festival celebrating zine and indie publishers based in Austin. (Facebook)

Fort Worth Zine Fest 鈥 A quarterly zine and printed goods festival.

Press Fest Austin (Austin)聽鈥撀燩ress Fest Austin is an event created to share zines of all kinds with you! Come check out unique, self-published magazines and books by independent artists and collectives, as well as enjoy free beverages. (Facebook)

RevelCon (Houston)聽鈥撀燫evelCon is THE only fan-fun relax-a-con / zinefest in the Southwest. It鈥檚 a full weekend of vids, panels, art, zines, merchandise, food, friends, fun and frolic! We are a bi-fictional con catering to both gen and slash fans. (Facebook)

Zine Fest Houston聽(Houston) 鈥撀 A volunteer-run, one-day annual festival celebrating zines and DIY culture. (Facebook)


Grid Zine Fest (Salt Lake City) 鈥 A聽zine and comix fest in Salt Lake City that hosts zine-related events, workshops, and readings, culminating in an annual exhibitor expo each April. (Facebook)


Richmond Zine Fest (Richmond) 鈥撀燭he Richmond Zine Fest is an annual event at which local and national (and perhaps even international if we鈥檙e so lucky) zine-makers can gather to sell and trade their zines and network with other people in the zine community. (Facebook)


DC Zine Fest (DC)聽鈥撀燭he DC Zinefest is an independent event organized to provide a space for zine makers, self-published artists and writers to share their work with each other and the Washington D.C. community. (Facebook)

Olympia Zine Fest (Olympia)聽鈥撀燨ver the years, creative citizens of Olympia have produced a smorgasbord of seminal music and art festivals, including Yo Yo A Go Go, Ladyfest, Homo A GoGo, the International Pop Underground Convention, Gender Jam, the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, the Oly Old Time Festival and the Olympia Comics Festival. (Facebook)

Short Run Comix and Arts Fest (Seattle)聽鈥撀燬hort Run focuses on the medium of comics as a coalescence of art and literature. We believe in the intimate experience of holding a book in your hands. That鈥檚 why we highlight artists from the Pacific Northwest and around the world who make indie comix and self-published, small press, and handmade books of all kinds. We want to ensure that Seattle is considered a destination for small press artists, and a percolator of comics genius. (Facebook)

Milwaukee Zine Fest聽(Milwaukee)聽鈥 A zine fest for self-publishers, punks, printers, and DIY enthusiasts. (Facebook)


International Zine Library Day 鈥 (California) An international celebration of zine collections and archives on July 21st. (Facebook)

Festival of the Photocopier (Melbourne) 鈥斅燨rganized by the Sticky Institute, this four day event celebrates zine culture in Melbourne and ends with a zine fair at Melbourne Town Hall. (Facebook)

MCA Zine Fair (Sydney) 鈥 An annual festival featuring hundreds of zinesters, indie press, distros, and and artists. (Facebook)

Other Worlds Zine Fair (Sydney) 鈥 A zine event that aims to support and unite zine makers and DIY enthusiasts. (Facebook)


Cultures Maison (Brussels)聽鈥撀燙ultures Maison is a festival dedicated to the publishing and distribution of comic strips and graphic and narrative works. Since 2010 the festival is held once a year at the Maison des Cultures in Saint-Gilles, Brussels. (Facebook)


CPH Zine Fest (Copenhagen) –聽CPH Zine Fest is a two-day DIY festival that celebrates zines and small-press.聽The festival takes place at Ungdomshuset and admission as well as tabling is free, always! (Facebook)


Paris Ass Book Fair 鈥揂n international fair that brings together publishers of artist鈥檚 books and fanzines, booksellers, and artists who approach print as a medium in its own right. What they share is a desire to explore taboos, sex and gender 鈥 and all of their representations and troubles 鈥 as playful, poetic and political subjects. (Facebook)

Hong Kong

Tai Kwun Booked Art Book Fair 鈥撀犅燭his event provides a platform for local, regional, and international creative practitioners who use books as a medium of artistic expression to share their work. It also supports publishers invested in art books and publications that have been created as artworks, and enables public audiences to enjoy and engage with these materials as an important resource for learning and research. (Facebook)

Bandung Zine Fest (Bandung) 鈥 A zine fest celebrating zine and DIY culture based in Indonesia. (Facebook)


Dublin Zine Fair (Dublin)聽鈥撀燭he Dublin Zine Collective is a non-profit DIY zine printers and distro. We’re working to create a space where people can print their work without having to disrupt the DIY process. and a space where people can access zines. Both home grown talent and zines from around the world! (Facebook)

Small Press Day (Dublin)聽鈥撀燗 celebration of self-publishing, DIY culture, and grassroots comics across the U.K (Facebook)


Tokyo Art Book Fair 鈥撀燞eld annually, it gathers independent publishers, gallery presses, bookshops as well as individual artists and groups. The fair has seen constant growth in its scale and content over the years, and the event now gathers more than 350 participants from Japan and abroad and attracts more than 20,000 visitors every year. (Facebook)

Zinphony聽(Takasaki)聽鈥撀燑/strong>An annual event exhibiting and selling independent handmade and booklet zines.


Material Art Fair (Mexico City) 鈥 A giant contemporary art fair in the heart of Mexico City, bringing together collectors, curators, and artists, held in an Art Deco Sporting Arena. (Facebook)

Tijuana Zine Fest – Tijuana Zine Fest looks to encourage artists and enthusiasts to discover self-publishing as a form of expression and cross-border communication.聽(Facebook)


Zine Camp Festival (Rotterdam) –聽WORM, PrintRoom and ReKult present Zine Camp, an open workspace connecting like-minded zinesters and newbies from Rotterdam to national/international zinesters and newbies. The aim is to make zines* together, but also to provide a space and place to socialize and collaborate in an attempt to discover and foster a growing community of zine-makers in the NL. (Facebook)

New Zealand

Dunedin Zinefest (Dunedin)聽鈥 Zine Fest in New Zealand! (Facebook)


Zine Day Osaka (Japan)聽鈥 Annual zine day in Osaka, Japan (Facebook)

Puerto Rico

Tintero Festival of Comics and Independent Art 鈥 An event of art, comics and independent publications organized by Sod to Pop Comics in collaboration with Puerto Rico Indie. (Facebook)


Zine Fest Pt (Porto)聽鈥 Zine fest in Portugal. (Facebook)

Zine Fest Berlin聽(Berlin) 鈥斅燗n annual zine fair in Berlin showcasing zines and self-published works. (Facebook)

Grafixx Zine Fest (Berlin) 鈥擥RAFIXX is a yearly festival filled with lectures, performances, exhibitions and Antwerp鈥檚 one and only zine fest. Villanella collaborates with Huis Haas to invite the most exciting graphic artists and independent publishers to DE Studio in Antwerp.(Facebook)

Bookmarks: ECA鈥檚 Artists鈥 Books and Zine Fair (Edinburgh) 鈥 An event showcasing art books and zines from across Scotland. (Facebook)

Glasgow Zine Fest (Glasgow) 鈥撀燝lasgow Zine Fest brings together makers and lovers who get down with DIY. Self-publishing, good tunes, and rad food. (Facebook)


Tenderete Festival聽(Valencia) 鈥揟enderete is a party of fanzines but it is also a meeting place for small edition, graphic art, euro beer, music, drawing, comics, rare books and lovers of good and bad taste. It takes place twice a year in January and June, and has been running since 2011.聽(Facebook)


Stockholm Art Book Fair (Stockholm)聽鈥 Stockholm Art Book Fair will promote cooperation and exchange between publishing houses, while strengthening the position of publishers who focus on art, theory, and aesthetics. (Facebook)


Monstre Festival (Geneva)聽鈥撀燑span lang="en">The most beautiful festival of silkscreen and micro-edition of the world, in Geneva, the weekend of mid-November of the current year. (Facebook)

Small Press Hobart Zine and Art Fair (Hobart) 鈥 A small press, zine, and DIY fair in Hobart, Tasmania.

Bristol Comic and Zine Fair聽(Bristol) 鈥斅燗 celebration of DIY and independent publishing in the UK. (Facebook)

DIY Cultures (London) 鈥 An annual day-long event that celebrates zine culture. Feautres vendors, workshops, exhibitions, and panel discussions. (Facebook)

Leeds Book Fair (Leeds) 鈥 A zine fair featuring vendors and workshops.

Lincoln Zine Fest (Lincoln)聽鈥撀燣incoln Zine Fest 2017 will be held at the LPAC at University of Lincoln on Saturday 28th October from 11-4pm in Studio 1,more info to follow! (Facebook)

Never Have I Everest Zine Fair (Nottingham) 鈥 A charity zine fest in aid of Childrenreach International. (Facebook)

Sheffield Zine Fest (Sheffield)聽鈥 Zine fest held in Sheffield UK. (Facebook)

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